Bite into Miami: the ultimate citizen's foodie tour

Heading to Miami? Lucky you! Let's talk about the good stuff: the food. Miami is a cultural melting pot with flavours from around the globe, but some of the best dining experiences can be found in Downtown, Brickell and South Beach.

No matter if you're cruising the urban streets of Downtown Miami, exploring the posh neighbourhood of Brickell or living it up on the world-famous South Beach, you're guaranteed to find something that will tantalise your taste buds.

Italian, seafood, steak, sushi, a fusion of Latin American cuisines, authentic Mexican, Cuban and vegetarian delights – there’s something for everyone. These neighbourhoods are bursting with eateries that offer a symphony of flavours.

So grab your forks and roll up your sleeves, because we're about to take you on a delicious whirlwind tour through Miami's best places to eat! Buckle up, foodies, it's going to be a tasty ride!

Latin American hotspots - spice up your life

Hola, food explorers! Ready to salsa your way through Miami's Latin American culinary scene? You're in luck. Our city is a sizzling melting pot of Latin flavours, with zesty ceviches, lip-smacking arepas and beyond. Each dish is a vibrant dance of flavours, set to the rhythm of Miami's multicultural beat. So put on your dancing shoes and let Miami's Latin American restaurant scene sweep you off your feet.

1. 305 Peruvian Modern Cuisine

Coral Gables is hiding a Peruvian delight with a contemporary twist. The Pisco Sours are calling!

2. Manta Wynwood

Wynwood's Latin hot spot. One bite of their exciting Latin American blend and you'll be doing the cha-cha.

3. YUCA 105

A Nuevo Latino gem in the heart of Miami Beach's Art Deco District. Yes, it's as cool as it sounds!


Miami Beach meets Japanese-Peruvian fusion. It's like a culinary passport to flavour town.

5. Ceviches by Divino Miami Beach

Miami Beach, sun, and divine ceviche. This one's a no-brainer, seafood lovers!

6. Garden House Latin Restaurant Miami Beach

Colombia, meet Miami Beach. The tastebuds will be dancing at this vibrant spot.

7. La Ventana

Colombian restaurant in Miami Beach. Colombian street food on Miami Beach? You bet. Casual, cool, and oh-so-tasty.

8. Bocas Grill Brickell

Latin American fusion. Head to Brickell for a whirlwind tour of Latin American vibes. Bocas Grill, we salute you!

steak & barbecue restaurants - a sizzlin' smokefest

Carnivores, meet your match in Miami. Our city's sizzling with steak and BBQ spots that are enough to make any meat-lover weak at the knees. From Texan-style slow-smoked brisket to Argentine-style flame-grilled steaks, your inner foodie is about to embark on a flavoursome journey. Loosen that belt and let the smoky, juicy wonders of Miami's steak and BBQ scene woo you. Are you drooling yet? Grill on, meat maestros!

1. Steak Brasil Churrascaria

Hello, Brazilian barbecue in Downtown Miami. Your taste buds will samba with joy!

2. El Churrascaso Grill Wynwood

Craving Argentinian steak in Wynwood? Found your spot. Your carnivore heart will thank us later.

3. Lola Restaurant & Grill

Upscale steak and grill in Normandy Isle? Yes, please! Lola, we love you already.

4. Yardbird Table & Bar

Southern charm meets Miami Beach at this finger-lickin' joint. Get ready to lick those chops clean.

5. La Parrilla Liberty

Savour a taste of traditional Latin BBQ in Liberty City. Hot, smoky, oh-so-delicious!

6. Ole Ole Steak House

Fontainebleau's steakhouse surprise. Trust us, you'll want to come back for more.

7. Burgermeister South Beach

Gourmet burgers in Miami Beach. Need we say more?

Seafood places - a must-taste for freshness

Seafood lover, you've hit the jackpot! Miami's all about lip-smackingly fresh seafood with a side of beachy vibes. Think succulent shrimp, melt-in-your-mouth mahi mahi and of course the local favorite, stone crab. Each bite tells a story of Atlantic waters and Floridian charm. Go on, dive into the oceanic feast that is Miami's seafood scene. You might just find yourself saying 'shell yeah' with every mouthful.

1. Joe's Stone Crab

Picture this – South Beach vibes and legendary stone crab claws. Need we say more? It's a Miami must-do.

2. Mignonette Downtown

Oysters with a side of downtown chic. It's seafood, but oh-so swanky.

3. Cajun Boil Brickell

Head to Brickell for a Southern-style seafood boil. All the flavours, none of the flight.

4. Rusty Pelican - Miami

Seafood with a view? Yes, please! The Biscayne Bay backdrop is just the cherry on top of this Rickenbacker Causeway hotspot.

5. Old Lisbon Restaurants

Take a taste trip to Portugal without leaving Miami. Dive into traditional seafood dishes at their South Miami and Coral Way locations.

6. Marcelo Restaurant & Pescaderia

Hialeah is hiding a Latin seafood gem. Don't tell everyone.

7. The Lobster Shack

Miami Beach, New England-style seafood. It's the coastal clash we never knew we needed.

Sushi & Japanese cuisine - seaworthy and spectacular

Get those chopsticks ready! Miami is rolling out a sea of sushi experiences that’ll make your foodie heart skip a beat. With sushi spots as plentiful as Miami’s palm trees, you're set for an omakase feast or a sashimi extravaganza that's as fresh as the ocean breeze. So let's roll, sushi lovers, and dive into the vibrant fusion of Miami’s sushi scene.


Japanese-Peruvian fusion in Miami Beach? Yes, it's a thing, and yes, you need to try it.

2. GoBistro Wynwood

Enjoy Japanese cuisine in Wynwood's hippest spot – flavour explosion guaranteed.

3. Novikov Miami

Upscale Asian fusion in Downtown Miami? Sign us up! It's a feast for your senses and your Instagram.

4. Obba Sushi

Brickell's very own sushi sensation. Unwrap the deliciousness, one sushi roll at a time.

5. Azabu Miami Beach

Michelin-starred sushi in chic Miami Beach. Sounds like a date night winner to us!

6. Toni's Sushi Bar

The first sushi bar in Miami Beach is still rolling out the hits. Go for the nostalgia, stay for the sushi.

7. Nossa Omakase

An exclusive Miami Beach spot that turns Japanese dining into an unforgettable experience. It's sushi elevated!

best Italian restaurants - a dolce vita delight

Ready for a Bella Italia moment in the heart of Miami? The city is heaving with Italian joints that'll have your tastebuds singing operas. Divine pasta from a hidden trattoria or Neapolitan pizza from a buzzing piazza-inspired eatery, it's amore at first bite. So, put on your stretchy pants and let Miami's Italian restaurant scene transport you straight to Nonna's kitchen. Delicious, right?

1. La Locanda restaurant bar-pizzeria: South Beach, sun and sizzling pizzas. Sounds like a plan!

2. Soya e Pomodoro: Downtown Miami's very own Italian love affair. Classic dishes, unique twist. Bellissimo!

3. Baiocco Osteria: A hidden Italian haven in MiMo Biscayne. Intimate and traditional, a foodie's secret garden.

4. Red Carpet Italian Restaurant Downtown: Experience the red carpet treatment, Italian style, right in Downtown Miami.

5. Sylvano Miami: South Beach chill meets Italian thrill. The menu's exciting, and the vibe's just right.

6. Call Me Gaby: Tucked away in the South of Fifth neighbourhood, it's the laid-back Italian spot you wish you’d found sooner.

7. CRUST: Get a piece of the action at this Miami River gem. Trust us, you ‘knead’ to visit.

8. La Carpaccieria: Go ahead, unleash your inner foodie in Wynwood's trendy hotspot. Carpaccio, anyone?

9. Novecento: Argentine-Italian fusion in the heart of Brickell. Tantalisingly tasty, ridiculously exciting.

10. Il Pastaiolo | Italian Restaurant in Miami Beach: Where Italian hospitality and cuisine dance a delicious tango. A Miami Beach must!

11. Vita Osteria Italiana: Find rustic Italian charm in Miami's Design District. Warning: may induce serious food envy.

There you have it! Miami in all its culinary glory, waiting to be explored, tasted and savoured! Get out there and let your foodie flag fly.

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