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...a new breed of hotel


in 2008, Amsterdam


across 3 continents


for modern

where you'll find us


multiple US hotels

Now in Boston, New York, Seattle, Washington DC, Los Angeles, and Miami.

opening soon

We're coming soon to a metropolitan city near you – San Francisco, Austin, Chicago and Menlo Park.

Europe and Asia

Open in London, Glasgow, Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Copenhagen, Paris, Geneva, Zurich, Taipei and Kuala Lumpur.


We love a big city: it’s where modern travellers want to be, close to transport links, landmarks and business centers.

taking action
taking action

choose a brand who cares

If you care about the environment, we're a good match! We build intelligent, sustainable hotels with 90% of the electricity coming from renewable energy. We swapped plastic bottles for refillable stations in our hotels. And we aim to be the number one choice for the conscious traveller.

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