Miami: a year-round citizen’s guide

from winter sun to summer fun

Craving a sun-kissed Miami getaway? This vibrant city is ready to play host anytime you decide to swing by. Its beachy vibes, nightlife and bustling business scene have something for everyone, any time of the year. So pack your bags with both flip flops and power suits - we're off to Miami.

best time to visit Miami

High season in Miami typically lasts from December through April, followed by a more laid-back month from May to June. After that, hurricane season kicks in until November. Pretty extreme, huh? But don't worry – we'll help you figure out the best time to visit Miami based on what floats your boat.

Are you all about those warm beach days, sizzling music festivals and soaking up that radiant Floridian sun? High season might just be the ideal time for your visit.

If you're someone who prefers a slightly slower pace, with fewer tourists but still plenty of buzz, the shoulder season might be just what you're looking for. This usually spans from May to June and again from September to November, offering a mix of warm to hot weather and a plethora of unique local events.

Not afraid to dance in the tropical rain for a bargain? Then the low season could be your jam. There's room to breathe, yet the party keeps on going – because hey, Miami never hits the snooze button. But before you pack those shades and swimwear, let's take a deeper dive into the real sizzle of Miami's heat. 

weather in Miami

Miami's weather is as sizzling and unpredictable as its salsa nights. One second you're slipping on your sunnies, the next you're prancing around, umbrella in hand. But guess what? In Miami, no matter it's sunshine or drizzling, every type of weather is an excuse to dance like nobody's watching.

Average temperature and rainfall in Miami

Miami is like a big warm hug all year, with average temperatures between 21°C and 32°C. Prefer the rain? Well, you're in luck from June to November! The rainiest months in Miami are July, August and September.

Hurricane season

Miami isn't just all sun, surf and salsa – it's a city that knows how to hustle when hurricane season hits. But although Miami's hurricane season spans from June through November, not every summer is a tropical storm fiesta. On average, Miami can expect to see a hurricane make landfall once every couple of years. Not too shabby for a city with a reputation for throwing Mother Nature's biggest parties. But yes, hurricanes can make a not-so-surprise appearance. Even though they're not the most frequent guests, keep your sunglasses ready and your travel plans flexible.

Miami’s tropical winter

December heat

Miami in December – a beachy wonderland! Imagine: Christmas palm trees, less crowds and easy-breezy vibes just before high season. Plus, we're gearing up for the most epic New Year's Eve bash, so swap that snow for sand and let's jingle all the way. 

With temperatures lingering around a toasty 24°C, the city gets into the holiday groove with Art Basel in Miami Beach, transforming Miami into a whimsical, larger-than-life art canvas.

January fiesta

Serving up a delightful 21°C, January is Miami’s coldest month of the year. But despite the icy breath elsewhere, it still serves up as the perfect backdrop for sipping your favorite cocktail on a rooftop terrace here in sun-kissed Miami. Even in the chilliest months, life's better with a skyline view and a drink in your hand.

With its gentle cool breeze, January is a fabulous time to play architectural detective during the Art Deco Weekend Festival in Miami’s historic Art Deco District, tracking down gorgeous vintage gems. 

February sun

Miami in February? It's pure bliss. Less crowded, budget-friendly and fab weather – the kind that makes rain clouds scurry. Soak up the sun, save some cash and beat the spring rush – even locals and part-timers are swooping in to soak up the vibe. 

With temperatures comfortably around 24-26°C, it's the perfect time to admire creativity at the Coconut Grove Arts Festival, where Miami's streets don the vibrant hues of artistic expression. And that's not the only festival going on in February, check out our Miami festival guide to see what else you can fill your trip with.

breezy spring

March Music

With warmer temperatures a firmer fixture, let your hair down at the Ultra Music Festival and Miami Music Week in Downtown Miami. Who needs sleep when you've got beats?

Not a fan of massive crowds and non-stop partying? Take a rain check on Miami’s Spring Break in the last week of March. But hey, if you're up for an epic party scene that'll leave you breathless, dive right in.

April bliss

April in Miami is your sunny sidekick, with temperatures basking around 27°C. Join in the rainbow revelry at the vibrant Miami Beach Pride festival in Miami Beach, because love knows no bounds and nor should celebrations!

May radiance

May in Miami is pure perfection! Sunny days, less crowds, occasional rain showers (just to keep things interesting) and temperatures that hit a spicy 29°C. Perfect weather to check out Miami's best beaches.

Not a fan of sunbathing? This is the perfect time to take on the wind and waves with some high-thrill water sports. With the ocean at your feet and the sun as your spotlight, enjoy jet skiing, paddleboarding or even a sunset sail.

sizzling summer

heat, hurricanes, and heaps of fun

Welcome to Miami's sultry summer. From sun-soaked days to starlit nights, summer is when Miami truly comes alive. Just a little heads-up – the hurricane season does kick off in June. But hey, Miami's got you covered, rain or shine.

Joyful June

A hot dish of summer served in 32°C, sprinkled with afternoon shower surprises. It's off-season – less hustle, more city for you. Be a part of the American Black Film Festival in South Beach, where Miami showcases its love for Black cinema. Remember to pack a raincoat – it's hurricane season, after all. Stay safe and have fun!

July glow

Miami weather in July is your tropical tryst with the sun, sea and sand. As temperatures play in the high 31°C, strut your stuff at Miami Swim Week in South Beach and make a splash in style!

August ablaze

August in Miami can feel like a tropical tempest, with heat and showers sharing the stage. But don't let that dampen your spirits with a sunny break just around the corner!

autumn escape

September siesta

September in Miami presents an opportunity for a breather, slowly bidding adieu to the hurricane season. Make the most of the quieter beaches and warm seas, while the Miami Spice Restaurant Months continue to stir up a culinary storm across the city. No matter what time of year, checking out Miami's culinary scene is a must!

October oasis

With an average temperature of 29ºC, there’s fewer crowds but no shortage of action. Those afternoon rainfalls? Just nature's own touch of drama, adding a spectacular backdrop to your Instagram posts.

Besides dreamy sunsets, October in Miami gifts you immersive Hispanic celebrations at the Carnaval Miami in Little Havana, with an irresistible spread of music, food and art.

November glory

In November, Miami dials down the heat to a comfy 25°C and cheekily waves hurricanes goodbye. Just in time, as Downtown preps for the Miami Book Fair's literary carnival. So, toss your flip-flops in your suitcase, give storms a farewell high-five, and cannonball into Miami's never-ending summer party.

citizenM miami brickell aerial view of rooftop pool

citizenM says: see you in Miami!

And so, Miami's year-round party winds down. Be you a sun-seeker, a culture vulture, a foodie or a party animal, Miami promises a gala time that you'll remember for years to come. So, the question is – are you ready to let Miami sweep you off your feet? Fall in love with Miami over and over again, because every day is a celebration and you're always on the guest list!

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